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We provide nightly offsite backups of your database and file system. No need to fret about losing your data. We will take a full backup of your files and database.


We have technical expertise in all areas of WordPress and are able to help with the complete transfer of all your data from one server to another, change from a domain name to another or moving from a sub folder to main website.


We will configure your database and files such that they work in the new environment seamlessly and website runs as it should. We will export your entire WordPress database, create a new one at new server and will import all your data to the server.


We have a delivery time of 24 hours or less for website move services. We can provide complete information and guidelines on which host to use for your particular website.


I dont know where to get started, can you help?2019-08-29T15:02:19+05:00

No worries at all. We are here to assist with your every query and requirements. Lets just talk, no pressure here. Tell us what you need and we will hear you out and will then together come to a suitable solution that you need.

Sounds like a plan?2019-08-29T15:03:42+05:00

Fill the form to the right to get started.

I sort of have an idea of what I need but I am not sure about the platform. Can you guide me with that?2019-08-29T15:06:45+05:00

Exactly. Every platform is different and a clear site of requirements can help provide you the best solution for your needs. We make recommendations and list advantages and disadvantages of each solution to help you make a decision.

Do you only work WordPress?2019-08-29T15:08:53+05:00

To be precise, we love WordPress but that doesnt mean we are limited to this CMS only. We have completed projects purely on PHP, on Joomla Framework, on Magento, Laravel, CodeIgniter and others.

Have a different platform in mind?2019-08-29T15:10:14+05:00

Well, lets discuss.

You are a remote web agency, how do I communicate with you?2019-08-29T15:11:54+05:00

Communication is basis of success for any project, be it in house or remote. When it comes to projects, we using project management tools like Asana to keep track of progress and provide regular ( daily/weekly ) status reports. We constantly exchange emails, have skype calls or video conferencing to keep you in the loop throughout the project life cycle.

Will I be able to talk to developers?2019-08-29T15:13:12+05:00

Yes, at all times. We are open about developers work on projects and you can communicate with the team as and when required or we can host GotoMeetings for updates or discussions

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