Why choose WordPress?
WordPress is called a CMS (Content Management System). It is open-source software that allows you to create and administer sites without the need to program (except for customization as we will see). Thanks to its simplicity and the many possibilities that it offers, WordPress is used by nearly one site in three on the web.
Among its advantages, we will remember of course its simplicity of use but also its ability to be well referenced. There is also a large community around WordPress which allows having thousands of templates and plugins available. Contrary to received ideas, WordPress is not only to make the blog. It is ideally suited to showcasing websites, institutional sites, online shops, portfolios or online advertising sites. If you can see it with these examples of sites made with WordPress.
Price example of a WordPress site
Before going into the heart of the subject, here are some examples of prices that can be practiced to give you an idea:
Project type Average price
Simple website                                1200 $ to 5000 $
Middling complexity Website      2000 $ to 10,000 $
Highly complex Website               10,000 $ to 20,000 $
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Creating a WordPress site: The basic elements
In most services of creation of a site with WordPress, one finds, in general, the basic elements related to the installation, the setting up and the personalization of the site.
The domain name
If you have not done so already, the first step is registering a domain. This is usually the brand or name of the company in .com. Be careful to choose your domain name because it will be difficult to change. A domain name will usually cost you less than 10 $ a year.
Shared hosting is usually the most used option for websites. This type of hosting means that your website will coexist with other sites on a shared server. If you know ahead of time that you’re going to have a lot of traffic, need more security or just more performance, then it may be better to go for dedicated hosting where your website will have a server just for him. Hosting prices vary widely from one provider to another, but you can usually expect to pay between $ 5 and $ 15 per month to host your WordPress site.
The theme and the design
WordPress has a very large choice of templates that you can adapt to the colors of your company. You can find prefabricated site themes from different marketplaces like TemplateMonster or ThemeForest for prices ranging from 50 to 200 $. Most predefined templates are limited for customization unless you change the CSS. If you want to have a website with a really unique design, then you will have to hire a web developer to create or develop your own theme for a price that is between 700 and 5000 $.
The great strength of WordPress is undoubtedly its tens of thousands of plugins (also called extensions). Some plugins are free but others have premium options ranging from 50 to 200 $ and fees can be one-time or recurring. The price will mostly depend on the features you want to have on your site. There are plugins for all kinds of needs: form, emailing integration, traffic analysis, SEO, security, online payment, etc. It will also take into account the setting of all plugins that will install.
Advanced features and Plugin development services
A website is not enough to have an online presence and it is often necessary to provide other features in addition to the creation of the site itself.
Natural referencing
If WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, it is largely because it is very well suited for SEO. To be visible on the search engines, however, it is necessary to correctly configure its site and especially to set up an effective SEO strategy. Choose the right keywords, optimize content, make backlinks, etc. All these essential actions that will serve to propel your site at the top of the results of Google. The cost of natural referencing can then quickly rise to several thousand euros according to your ambitions. For a showcase site, for example, this can be from 1200 $ to 5000 $ in order to have long-term traffic.
Setting up an online store
Creating an online store may seem like a tedious task but it’s something WordPress does very well. The e-commerce features are not available by default and it will take several solutions to help you. The most common extension is Woocommerce and it will be necessary to think about online payment features, security and all the specificities that may be related to your business (transactional emails, online support, affiliate program, etc.). In the end, the addition of e-commerce features can raise the bill from 2000 to $ 10,000.
Other factors that can influence the price
Other things we do not necessarily think about can also vary the final price of the project:
Content integration: The layout is an important step as well to make your content attractive as for SEO optimization. This takes a certain amount of time, which translates into a labor cost and will have to be calculated according to the number of pages to be integrated.
Maintenance: The various updates, the hosting or the implementation of reinforced security can be the object of a recurring maintenance contract between the one who realized the site and the customer.
Training: Most of the time, the goal is for the client to be autonomous with respect to the administration of the site. In this case, it takes a few hours or a day depending on the skill level and the number of people to train.