“Hacked” is a term you hear thrown around a lot especially regarding websites.

If you are going to be hacked, it means a few things which are going wrong.

  • Someone access to your account. By gaining FTP access, hackers can insert their own codes on your site.
  • After entered your site, they add many types of code in it. What the code does depends on the hacker’s objectives.

Because hacking can be extra insidious, sometimes your site get hacked without you even realizing it. Hackers will be incredibly dangerous and either bring down your site or change it with harmful messages.

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Some Things to Know Before We Start

First thing before starting hack removal is no matter which platform you are using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla any site can be hacked easily.

When your site which was developed at WordPress platform is hacked, you can lose your search engine rankings, expose your readers to viruses, have your reputation tarnished due to redirects to porn sites or other bad websites, and badly lose your whole site important information or data.

WordPress Hack Removal Guide

There are few WordPress Hack Removal services and steps or precautions for preventing your website from hacking and the precautions are listed below.

  • Identify the hack:

    When a website hack, you are under a lot of stress.

    Below is a good checklist to run down through:

    • Can you login to your WordPress admin panel?
    • Is your WordPress site redirecting to another website?
    • Does your WordPress site contain illegitimate links?
    • Is Google marking your website as insecure?

    Write down the list because this will help you or even as you go down the steps below to fix your site.It’s crucial that you change your passwords before you start the cleanup. You will also need to change your passwords, when you are cleaning the hack.

  • Check with your Hosting Company

    Most good hosting providers are very helpful in these situations. They have experienced staff who deal with these kinds of things on a daily basis, and they know their hosting environment which means they can guide you better. Start by contacting your web host and follow their instructions.

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  • Restore from Backup

    If you have backups for your WordPress site, then it may be best to restore from an earlier point when the site was not hacked.

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  • Malware Scanning and Removal

    Look at your WordPress site and delete any inactive WordPress themes and plugins. More often than not, this is where hackers hide their backdoor.

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  • Check User Permissions

    Look in the user section of WordPress to make sure only you and your most trusted team members have administrator access to the site.

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  • Change Your Secret Keys

    WordPress generates a set of security key which encrypts your passwords. Now if a user stole your password, and they are still logged into the site, then they will remain logged in because their cookies are valid. To disable the cookies, you have to create a new set of secret keys. You need to generate a new password and add it in your wp-config.php file and also change your password.

At the end, if you got it thats good if not then feel free to contact us to getting WordPress hack removal services.