By using WordPress, you can quickly set up a professional website for your business. However, what the platform does not do is provide you with tools to help you manage your customers, follow leads, send invoices, etc. For this type of feature, you must use a CRM platform, where CRM WordPress plugins come into play.
With the right plugin, you can set up a powerful WordPress CRM. In this article we will present eight options:
2. Zero BS WordPress CRM
3. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Management
4. Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce
6. UkuuPeople
7. UpiCRM
8. Vcita
For each CRM WordPress plugin, we will discuss the features offered and talk about who should use it. First, let’s talk about what a CRM can do for you!
What is a CRM (and how can it help your business)?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software varies widely but typically provides essential functionality for most businesses. For example, a key aspect of many CRM platforms is that they allow you to store customer data, organize it, and search for that information when you need it.
It’s about as basic as CRM. Nowadays, most customer relationship management tools contain many additional features to help you:
• Separate prospects from existing customers. With CRM, you will be able to filter potential customers against existing customers, so you can target each more effectively.
• Store contact information. Keeping track of how to contact each of your clients is essential to the success of any business.
• Manage accounting tasks. Some CMS allows you to track your income, your expenses, and even your customer bills.
• Measure key analyzes. With a solid WordPress CRM, you will have an overview of the strength of your business and analyze customer behavior.
Here’s a quick example of what a Salesforce dashboard looks like – one of the world’s most popular CRMs:

8 WordPress CRM plugins to help you manage your business Website
WP ERP is one of the most popular CRM solutions for WordPress. It’s also one of the only plugins that offer what you might consider a complete CRM system. This system includes basic CRM features, human resource management options, and even accounting features.
In other words, with this plugin, you can manage your customers and employees, and keep track of where the money comes from and where it’s going. It’s a lot for a single plugin to manage, but WP ERP is up to it.
What you do not get with this plugin is a sophisticated interface, like most high-end CRM platforms. However, for a free plugin, it offers a lot more features than you think. Plus, it even offers a set of paid extensions if you want to take your WordPress CRM to a higher level, even if the features included by default will be sufficient for most small businesses.
Main features:
• Manage your customer relationships via your WordPress dashboard.
• Keep track of employee files and information.
• Track incoming and outgoing expenses.
• Supports more than 44 currencies for your business expenses.
• Manage multiple branches from a single dashboard.
Price: This is a free solution, with premium extensions available.
2. Zero BS WordPress CRM
Not only does this WordPress CRM plugin have a catchy name, but it relies on many advanced features. As its name suggests, WordPress CRM Zero BS is easy to set up but convenient for small and large businesses.
This plugin allows you to keep track of all your customer information in WordPress. You can store locations and contact information and even add personal notes for each customer. However, the plugin is really useful for accounting.
With Zero BS WordPress CRM, you can see your gross and net income, track your discounts, check your unpaid bills, and more. The plugin even allows you to keep an eye on the money you make on average per customer. All in all, it’s a great solution if you’re the type of person who likes to check their numbers often.
Main characteristics:
• Store your customer information using simple forms.
• Track all your business expenses and revenue streams, divided into categories.
• Check the unpaid bills.
• Watch how much money you make per customer.
Price: This is a totally free solution.
3. WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager
If you use WooCommerce to power your online store, you can also benefit from CRM. Depending on the size of your store, you could make tens, hundreds, even thousands of sales per month. With this type of volume, tracking customer information becomes more important than ever.
WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager Gives you access to several customer-specific metrics, so you can always see who your best buyers are. It also allows you to easily contact them and you can even assign collaborators to the customer contact via the plugin.
Our favorite feature, however, is the fact that this solution allows you to add custom fields to your customer database. This means that you can choose exactly the type of information you will store based on the types of products or services you sell.
Main characteristics:
• Access advanced metrics for each customer.
• Assign workers to follow up with customers or potential prospects.
• Add custom fields to your client files.
Price: This is a premium plugin, and will cost you $ 70 for a single license.
4. Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce
So far, we’ve talked about several complete WordPress CRM plugins. Now let’s talk about a tool that allows you to integrate your website with a third-party CRM, in this case, Salesforce.
The plugin itself is called Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce and allows customers to enter their data on your WordPress website. Then, the plugin sends this data to Salesforce so that it can be stored and processed.
Users provide their data using a simple contact form, which you can customize. By default, it only includes fields for customer phone numbers, names, and emails. However, you can also enable the address fields if you also want to record this type of data.
As for CRM WordPress plugins, they are not much simpler than that. All you have to do is customize your form and place it on a page of your choice using a shortcode. You will also need a Salesforce account, you may want to review his plans before installing the plugin.
Finally, a word of warning – although the plugin is popular, it has not been updated in a while. Its key functionality should always work properly, but you’ll want to test it to make sure.
Main characteristics:
• Link your WordPress website to your Salesforce account.
• Allow customers to send you their data using a simple contact form.
• Customize the fields you want to include in your contact form.
Price: The plugin is free, while Salesforce plans start at $ 25 per user per month.
WP-CRM is quite simple, especially when compared to other CRM WordPress plugins we’ve seen so far. It allows you to add custom attributes to your WordPress users and filter them based on this data.
Unlike other plugins we talked about, WP-CRM allows you to create any custom attribute you want. For example, if you operate a business where you have to contact people by phone, you can record information about the best contact hours for each user. When it comes to custom attributes, your imagination is the limit.
The plugin also automatically generates graphs that tell you the distribution of attributes to monitor. Overall, it’s a great option for maintaining a user database. However, if you want to access more advanced features, you need to buy higher quality add-ons. It is best to keep this in mind.
Main characteristics:
• Create a customer database with custom attributes.
• Configure any type of custom attribute you want and use it to filter the information you need.
• Access simple charts showing the distribution of your customers.
Price: The WP-CRM plugin is free, but its modules require you to buy licenses.
6. UkuuPeople
First, it is important to explain that UkuuPeople is both a plugin and a platform. Anyone can install the plugin, but to use it you must also sign up for a UkuuPeople plan. It starts at $ 179 a year for the basic option.
It allows you to record your customer information and segment those people into the categories of your choice. Once in the system, UkuuPeople will automatically keep track of all your contacts.
In addition, the platform allows you to assign specific tasks to your team, schedule meetings and save payment information if your customers agree.
Main characteristics:
• Register your customer information on the UkuuPeople platform.
• Segment your customers according to the desired metric.
• Link your UkuuPeople account to other WordPress plugins and third-party platforms, such as MailChimp.
• Assign specific tasks to your team and schedule meetings.
Price: The UkuuPeople plugin is free, but a basic account on the platform will cost you at least $ 179 a year.
7. UpiCRM
The UpiCRM plugin is interested in lead management. Whenever someone registers on your website or fills out one of your contact forms, the plugin allows you to assign this lead to anyone of your choice.
With this plugin you can also sort your leads according to their status, ranging from Received to Closing and Revenue steps. In total, there are ten different steps that you can assign to each lead, so the plugin is perfect if you want to keep things organized.
In the end, the UpiCRM plugin helps you analyze the efficiency of your conversion process. However, this is not the best option if you are looking for a WordPress CRM plugin with advanced relationship management options.
Main characteristics:
• Register your WordPress registrations and submit form submissions as leads.
• Rank your prospects using ten different states.
• Assign tracks to anyone on your team.
Price: This plugin is free to download and use.
8. VCita
Finally, let’s look at the CRM & Lead Management plugin for WordPress from vCita. This name is a mouthful. Like the Salesforce plugin, this tool allows you to connect your WordPress site to a third-party CRM. In this case, this CRM is vCita and it’s a pretty decent alternative to Salesforce.
With this CRM, you can store customer data, schedule appointments, and even set up enterprise-wide events. VCita also allows you to collect credit card payments, send invoices and track receipts. In short, it’s a complete solution.
Main characteristics:
• Connect your WordPress site to your vCita account.
• Store all your customer information on a central database.
• Collect credit card payments, submit invoices and track receipts.
• Plan interactions with customers and office events.
Price: The vCita plugin is free, but an account on the platform will cost at least $ 29 per month.
One of the most difficult aspects of running a business (offline or online) is tracking all of your customer information. What CRM does is provide you with the tools you need to keep all of your customers’ data in one place. Generally, they also offer additional features to simplify your life, such as integrated billing, revenue tracking, and more. With the right CRM plugin for WordPress, you can add all these features to your website in minutes.
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