WordPress Care Plans worth the money?
So how much you give your time to your site. Let’s say you spend two hours per month on website maintenance (a conservative estimate). Then what is the cost occurs for client for his website maintenance?

If you charge your time at $50/hour, that’s easy: $100. If you charge $100/hour, it’s $200.

Why Every WordPress Website Needs A Care Plan?

Times have changed. And WordPress keep on changing, faster than you can say “cascading style sheets!”

The web is constantly changing Because the web is an ever evolving technology, modern websites need to keep pace with the change or run the risk of becoming obsolete, broken or even hacked.

I design exclusively with a software called WordPress. It’s a free, open source application that offers some of the most robust website features on the web. In fact, 74.6 million websites on the internet use WordPress including fortune 500 companies. If you use WordPress, you’re in good company.

WordPress requires frequent updates

As like Windows, your favorite app or even Facebook, software updates happen often. These updates mean new features, bug fixes, and security improvements for your any app or website. It is a necessary for every who is using apps or websites. Your website is really no different. WordPress can have monthly or even weekly updates depending on what plugins and themes you are running.

Other than regular software updates the benefits of a website care plan can include current time backups, security monitoring, and disaster recovery.

Client Requirements:

Everybody wanna secure their app and website, that’s why web security is the first requirement of every client.Then their site ranking.

Support when you need it

One of the perks of our WordPress care plan is that you always know who to call if have questions or concerns about your site. Calling or chatting online with your WordPress Department company.

We’re also here to help you extend the features of your site, your site ranking, improve your website SEO and update content when you need it. We like to think of ourselves as your trusted is the strongest part of helping people.

If you want to get the most out of your website you need to have a reliable relationship with WordPress experts. If your WordPress website has errors, is hacked, or just not meet with your business objectives, just visit on our site and let us know or discuss with us about your website problem.