In technology, there is nothing perfect, everything being updated and new versions release. WordPress is also one of the new and mostly use technologies. WordPress 4.7.2 released recently there are some improvements.

What is improved in WordPress 4.7.2?

This is security release for of all previous versions. What was the wrong in 4.7.1?

  1. The UI of assignments of taxonomy terms, users can see that who have no privileges to use it.
  2. WP_Query was not enough strong to prevent SQL injection (SQLi) – Passing unsafe data which can break database.
  3. Cross-site scripting (XSS) was also founded not strong which is used in posts list table.

So if you want your site being secured and hack proof, update your WordPress website to latest secure version 4.7.2. For assistance and help regarding upgrade you can contact us at WordPress Upgrade Service.