If you are exploring ways to make money easily, you will often read about people making money from websites, but finding out how you can turn a website into a source of revenue can be difficult. After all, just creating a site and hosting it on a server will not bring you any money.
The truth is that there are many ways to make money with a website, giving you a wide variety of options to generate a good income supplement. With different websites all cleverly monetized, you will eventually start earning enough income to become financially independent, but it all starts with the right option of monetization. Keep reading to discover 14 of the best ways to monetize your website, so you can be on the road to making money online.
1. Email marketing
E-mail marketing is probably the most effective way to make money fast. With a good mailing list, you can generate revenue, promote your brand, and keep the flow of visits to your site stable at all times.
You can use email marketing to:
• Directly promote products and services to current customers and prospects
• Bring reports that are monetized to subscribers
• Increase traffic to a monetized site to make money
Of course, the success of e-mail marketing depends on the choice of your list. One of the best ways to do this is with a “lightbox” popup. These popups appear just above a web page rather than launching a new window, so they are rather non-intrusive, and they are very simple to notice. They do not look like spam for the visitor. The dialog will typically say things like “sign up for our newsletter” or “get access to exclusive deals by signing up to our mailing list.” Visitors will have the option to close the dialog box if they do not want to give their email, but most people will continue and enter their email address when they see them eliminate the window.
The Popup Domination app is one of the best “lightbox” popups on the market and can work on any website. The app has a lot of different designs and different color themes, so you can choose the one that sticks best with your website.
If you do not want to add a lightbox popup to your web page, you can use a squeeze page to encourage people to join your mailing list. A “squeeze” page is a homepage that is specifically made for grouping email addresses.
The page should provide information on the benefits of joining your list. Find a way for your page to solve a problem, promise to answer an important question, or get the reader’s attention in another way. Quickly show how to add your name to the mailing list will help them in some way. Make the page attractive and professional as you can. A page that looks like spam will not convert visitors into subscribers. You will also want to make sure the page is optimized for search engines, so people find it easily when they surf the web.
In addition to creating a “lightbox” popup or a “squeeze” page, you’ll also need to have a service to manage your mailing list and help you launch and track your marketing campaigns.
The benefits of email marketing
• A method that has been proven to be very effective for making money online
• Allows you to promote directly to your customers
• One email can bring a lot of revenue
• Easy to do for everyone
Disadvantages of email marketing:
• Email quality is important since subscribers can unsubscribe from your mailing list if they do not like the content
• You will have to constantly add people to your email distribution list and finding new names can be difficult
2. Sell advertisements
Every website has free spaces, and there are companies that want to pay for advertising in these areas. There are a number of different methods for selling and paying for advertising, including:
• Pay per click, where you receive money when someone clicks on a link
• Payment per 1000 views, where you receive money every time an advertisement is displayed 1000 times
• Payment by time period, where you receive a periodic income to keep an advertisement displayed on your website for a given period of time
You can include advertisements on your website in one or two ways. First, you can search for search advertisers yourself. It may take time, but if you manage your ad sales, you will be able to keep all the money you earn. If you do not have time to search for advertisers or do not know-how, you can use a third-party service such as an internet marketing company or a service like Google AdWords. With an intermediary, a portion of the revenue generated from the ads will be donated.
Benefits of selling advertisements:
• With the right payment structure, ads can be guaranteed cashback
• Very easy to do
• Allows you to network and build relationships with other businesses
Disadvantages of the sale of advertisements:
• To get a guaranteed income, you may have to limit the amount you must earn. For example, with a payment per time period, you know that you will get money to show the advertisement, but the amount can be significantly less than what you might have with a payment every 1000 views or a payment per click.
• Ads can scatter from your content
• The change of advertisers is common, meaning that you will have to spend time updating your site with new advertisements frequently
3. Do some job counseling?
An employment site is a section of a website where there is a list of open positions in a particular area and posted. The section is automatically generated by a website plugin, and the jobs that are displayed are tailored to match your content. You earn money every time someone clicks on one of the listed jobs to learn more about the job opportunity.
In order to make this monetization method effective, the plugin should appear in an easy-to-notice area of your website. You will also need a lot of visitors to generate income from this type of setup. If you want to try, you can try Job press for WordPress, one of the best job site plugins.
Benefits of creating a job site:
• Absolutely no work needed for you
• This can make your website more credible and professional
Disadvantages of creating a job site:
• Does not fit all types of website
• Profitable only for websites with a lot of traffic
• Can be very competitive
4. Sell services
Blog readers visit your site because they know the value of the information you bring. They trust you and see you as an expert in your field. Selling services allows you to capitalize on that trust and the value of your brand and make money from your blog.
Think about how you can help your readers in addition to just providing them with information. For example, if you have a nutrition blog, you can give nutrition advice or meal planning services. To do this, you need to add a page to your website explaining what your services are and then either ask readers to contact you for more information or to have a shopping cart on your site that allows them to order the service instantly. You can even authorize payment in cryptocurrency to start another monetization method!
Benefits of selling services:
• Many people will benefit from your services if they like the content of your blog
• Can bring big income
• Very simple to deliver to your customers
• Low repayment rate
Disadvantages of selling services:
• You will need to actively invest time to earn money
• You will need to bring customer service, which can be stressful
• The number of sales is generally unstable, so revenues will fluctuate
5. Become an affiliate and write reviews
Product reviews can give great blog content and bring a nice amount of money to your website. No matter what your segment is, you can find relevant affiliates for your blog, and there are many companies that want to give free samples of their products in exchange for free advertising. When someone buys a product by clicking on a link you give, you will receive a percentage of the sale.
Benefits of writing affiliate reviews:
• Can help you build your brand
• A very effective method to earn money
• Higher conversion rate than with e-mail advertising and marketing
• You have free products to test and rate
• Put you in touch with companies from the top of the basket
Disadvantages of writing affiliate reviews
• You must be honest with your opinions to keep the reader’s trust, so sometimes you will have to say negative things, but this can end in the loss of an affiliate. Therefore, you have to choose wisely the products you notice
• Revenues may come only after the publication is posted, so you will not have ongoing revenue for each review
6. Become an affiliate and promote products
Promoting products as an affiliate is similar to evaluating products where you bring value to the reader by recommending things that you know are beneficial to people interested in your segment. The difference is that instead of writing a notice of the product in question, you promote it in another way.
For example, if you are writing a blog about website design, you will surely suggest a list of five different themes that are made by developers with whom you have an affiliate agreement. You may also mention a specific product or service in the text of the publication. As another example, if you are holding a fitness blog and are talking about the importance of staying hydrated, you can mention a water bottle for the sport that you have found suitable to take to the room.
When the products you promote sell, you receive a commission from the affiliate. There are many examples of people who have become online millionaires just by earning affiliate commissions.

Benefits of promoting affiliate products
• Big gain potential
• High conversion rate possible
• Allows you to generate an income passively
Disadvantages of promoting affiliate products:
• Earnings amount may fluctuate
• The conversion rate can be unpredictable; some products will turn into sales better than others, and it can be hard to predict which ones will sell well.
7. Bring premium or member-only content
This method of monetizing a website is gaining popularity because it can work incredibly well. In fact, with website memberships and premium content, you are producing additional content that is of great value to your audience and that you are charging for access to.
Memberships allow your readers to access all your exclusive content for a limited time in exchange for fees that are automatically re-billed as long as they do not cancel their membership. With premium content, readers buy access to every blog post, every video, every online book, or any other type of on-demand content.
You can convert all kinds of things into premium content. For example, this post might have links to premium content with a video or tutorials on how to monetize your website. The most important thing is to offer content that people will want to pay and continue to bring quality content to ensure that your members do not cancel their membership.
Benefits of membership and premium content:
• Potential for significant gain
• Can bring a steady stream of income
• You can create a lot of content in one go and distribute it over a long period of time
• Affiliates can bring you traffic
Disadvantages of membership and premium content:
• The initial set-up may take some time
• You will need to continue working regularly to produce premium content
8. Sell a digital product
When you have a reader base established on your blog, you can generate revenue by selling a digital product related to your content and adding value to your audience. For example, you can sell an informative e-book or set of videos on a topic related to your segment.
The most difficult part is to develop the content. Once produced, you can promote it in the same way as you do for your publications through social networks, relationships with other blogs and through affiliate marketing. A single digital product can bring a large amount of money for a long time, provided that the content is persistent, that is, it remains valid for the reader even over time and becomes irrelevant. Not exceeded quickly.
Benefits of selling a digital product:
• Affiliates can increase their traffic and bring a passive income stream
• Develop your brand and give you authority over your segment
• High revenue potential
9. Sell listings on a directory
Few bloggers use directory listings to monetize their websites. On the one hand, it’s a shame because it can be a very profitable way to generate revenue from the web, but on the other hand, it can also be great news for you because you can potentially be the only one no one in your segment to offer services like these to your readers.
A directory is a list of links to websites that are relevant to your specific segment. Each listed site pays a fee to appear in the directory for a given period of time, and you can make sure that the renewal is automatically re-billed at the end of the period unless they cancel. There will be a lot of work to find the sites that want to be in your repertoire, but once done and once it runs, you can earn a steady stream of income without having more things to do than occasionally updating your listing.
Directories are great alternatives to ads if you’re concerned about how ads will affect your site’s rendering and user experience. To ensure the renewal of your subscribers, they will want to get traffic to their site from your directory, making it important to place it in a visible area of your website and continually bring your readers.
Benefits of Directory Listing Sale
• Can be very profitable
• Beneficial for readers
• Not commonly used so this differentiates your site from others
• Can give guaranteed income
Disadvantages of the sale of directory listings:
• Setting up can be expensive
• Significant traffic is required to attract the companies on the list
10. Offer webinars
Webinars are online seminars on a specific topic that is accessible through a link you give. You can make money from webinars in two ways. The first option is to charge for the webinar itself. In this case, you will have to come up with a topic that makes your readers want to sign up.
The second option is to sell a product during your webinar. You can promote an affiliate product, your own digital product, or a service with this option. Just make sure the webinar is valuable and not just an advertisement for what you sell.
You will need to invest in good webinar software before you start. GoToWebinar is a great option because it is free and very easy to use. You may be able to do your first free webinar to get your hands on it. If your participants enjoy the experience, they will want to pay for a new session.
Benefits of offering webinars:
• Allows you to build relationships with your readers
• Brings great value to your buyers
Disadvantages of offering webinars:
• Require investment time
• Webinar software can be expensive
• It can be difficult to choose the appropriate schedule for most users
11. Sell something with Tutorials
The tutorials are read a lot because many people go online looking for step by step instructions to perform different tasks. Adding tutorials to your blog is an almost guaranteed method of having traffic, and when you are promoting a product in the tutorial, you can generate revenue by converting readers. You can choose to sell your product or digital service with the tutorial or to bring links to affiliate products that can be used to perform the tutorial. You can also see our article on making money as a tutor.
Benefits of selling with tutorial:
• Bring high-quality content to readers
• Can you place high on the search engines
• Produces sustainable content that can bring money over a long period of time
• Easy to implement
Disadvantages of selling with tutorial:
• Choosing products may take a long time
12. Sell an e-book
More and more people are choosing to read e-books instead of buying paper books. By producing a book that people can read on a mobile device, you have the potential to reach a new audience in addition to your blog or bring additional paid content to your readers.
There are two ways to sell an e-book. First, you can offer your e-book through a site like Amazon or the Apple iBooks store. Second, you can sell the e-book on your website. With the first option, you can compile blog posts in a book. With the second option, you need to generate new content either by yourself or with a ghostwriter.
Having an e-book published by you in the market can give you more than an authority in your segment, establishing you as an expert in the field. This can help you make money in different ways in the future, even if the sales of your e-book in itself do not yield a lot.
Benefits of selling an e-book:
• Increases the authority of your website
• Can bring income over a long period of time
• Open the door to speeches and advice
Disadvantages of selling an e-book:
• May require a lot of time if you write yourself
• Can be expensive if you hire a ghostwriter
• May not be profitable in itself
13. Provide training and workshops
Your readers visit your site because they are aware of the value of the information you bring, and many of those would probably be willing to pay to know more about your field through your experience.
Workshops and workshops give them just that opportunity, and if you promote it well and at the right price, it can be very profitable. The trick is to come up with the right topics for your readers. You can do the training and the workshops live at a price and offer absentees a registration at a reduced price, giving you two different ways to make money. You can also start making money as an online coach.
Benefits of training and workshops:
• The large potential revenue stream
• Can become an opportunity for speeches
• Helps to solidify you as a domain expert
Disadvantages of training and workshops:
• Require a lot of time investment
• Promoting your training and workshops can be difficult
• Can be stressful
14. Sell your website
If you make money with your website, selling it can help you enjoy all the work you’ve done. While the idea of selling your site can make you nervous at first, the amount of money you can potentially earn is so important that it will quickly calm your nerves. There are examples of successful blogs that have the owner no longer working for years after the sale.
To sell your site, you can work with an online broker or through a web service like Flippa. Both of these methods will require you to pay a fee to make the sale, and it’s a good idea to check the terms before agreeing to use one or the other.
Benefits of selling your site:
• Give you a big sum at one time
• The process can be done in just a month
Disadvantages of selling your site:
• Once your site is sold, you will lose this asset completely
• You will never be able to make money again with this site directly; however, if you have another site, you can continue to earn passive income by being an affiliate for your old site.
Other ways to make money on the internet
Owning a website, and monetizing it, is not the only way to make money on the internet. There are various other methods for creating an income supplement on the internet, and most of them are as good as monetizing a website.
If you are interested in learning new ways to make money online, visit our page that shows you the best ways to make money online.
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