Top 5 Free WordPress Themes & Compatible Gutenberg 2019
Let’s clarify one thing first. All WordPress themes are “compatible” with Gutenberg by default, meaning that you can compose content with Gutenberg Blocks using any theme. But if a theme is not compatible with Gutenberg, the blocks will apply their own styles to your Gutenberg content, which means it will most likely be different from your default theme style.
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In our selection, you will find free Gutenberg WordPress themes tailored to the needs and tastes of each user. We made sure to choose themes that have earned a good reputation and, of course, are perfectly suited to the new WordPress Gutenberg block editor. Let’s go!
1- The WordPress Theme Gutenberg Atomic Blocks for Bloggers
Atomic Blocks is designed in an elegant style specifically for the Atomic Blocks plugin
The first thing you need to know about the business behind the Atomic Blocks WordPress theme is that they are the creators of one of the popular plugins suited to Gutenberg: Atomic Blocks. Basically, this plugin was created to extend Gutenberg’s default features in the same way that WordPress builders did (and still do) with the Classic Editor. The Atomic Blocks plugin in combination with its namesake theme will provide you with an amazing and unique Gutenberg experience.
The theme comes with professional styles explicitly designed for the Atomic Blocks plugin, which is an advantage that no other theme can offer. You can fully control colors, sizes, width of the content, and more. Add to that all the additional tools available in Atomic Blocks, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a powerful and free combo.
2- The versatile WordPress theme Page Builder Framework
Page Builder Framework is a free and minimalist WordPress theme.
Page Builder Framework is one of the most popular free and minimalist WordPress themes. You can use it for any niche ranging from trade to travel. It offers all the necessary features to cover multiple scenarios. The theme is tested to fit all widely used builders like Elementor or Divi. Now he is also taking Gutenberg in charge. This means that you can use multiple vendors at the same time to get the most out of them. For example, Elementor (which comes with the integration of Gutenberg) and Gutenberg.
For a seamless connection to the new editor, the theme has a basic Gutenberg style and default blocks to match the look and feel of the theme. Changes made in WordPress Customizer to page width, fonts, and background color will also be passed to the interface. Unlike other themes, Page Builder Framework supports Gutenberg’s default wide and full-width image alignments for articles and pages without sidebar.
3- The free Gutenberg theme Palmeria for hotels and holiday rental companies
The Gutenberg Free WordPress Palmeria theme for rental companies.
The Gutenberg Free WordPress Theme Palmeria is an ideal solution for the needs of rental companies as it comes with the WordPress Booking Plugin and the MotoPress Real Estate Management System (the Lite version). While it’s completely free, it puts you in touch with an excellent rental unit directory builder (including seasonal pricing, rates, coupons and more). It has a reservation system live or after arrival. All this makes Palmeria an ideal partner for hotels, guest houses, villas, hostels and other types of rental properties.
Themes interfaces are built with Gutenberg from the beginning (while many other popular themes add support for Gutenberg afterward) providing you with excellent manually created galleries, grid layouts and other pre-built pages focused on Goals. If you have traditional design skills and are looking for a ready-to-use solution, the Palmeria theme offers a one-click demonstration data installation to get you started without any problem. The theme uses no heavy plugin, allowing you to create a beautiful website without sacrificing performance.
4- The Free Gutenberg Theme Editor Blocks for Business
Editor Blocks is a Gutenberg WordPress theme dedicated to professional websites.
Editor Blocks is slowly but steadily gaining popularity as a Gutenberg WordPress theme for various business needs. In addition to a Gutenberg support, this theme provides a unique collection of additional Gutenberg Blocks using the free Editor Blocks for Gutenberg plugin. Thanks to this, you have access to more tools to refine your future website, without any technical help.
The Editor Blocks plugin adds several interesting blocks that are not yet available in the default base editor of WordPress 5.0: container block (which may contain other blocks), price block, team members block, block of heroes, block of testimonials, block of horizontal features and some others. The theme also supports several more functional page templates: full-width, with and without sidebars. In summary, Editor Blocks is a free flexible and powerful free WordPress theme for Gutenberg.
5- Free Gutenberg WordPress Theme Block Lite for Bloggers and Authors
Block Lite is a free Gutenberg theme with a nice design.
Block Lite is a free and elegant Gutenberg theme with a neat design for travel bloggers, portfolios, writers and other creators. It includes prebuilt Gutenberg blocks with a custom style allowing you to customize a website very easily. The presentation and features can be customized with Gutenberg and plugins like Organic Builder Widgets. With this plugin, you can go much further by creating dynamic interfaces with several custom sections that can also be added to the interface of this theme.
The theme can be integrated with the Gutenberg Organic Profile Block plugin to create personal profile pages in WordPress.
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