5 Best Plugins for Restore Hacked WordPress Website

Oh, your WordPress website is hacked. Of course, you are in big trouble and you want to get out of it, but how can you restore or fix hacked WordPress? First of all, you should know about what is the hack, how can your website be hacked? how many types of hack? Then you could help yourself [...]

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WordPress Maintenance Service

How To Develop A Site? As we talk about the development of a perfect website then first in our mind comes that how to develop a website with an hour or within one or two days. As everybody knows that there is nothing impossible in this world. CMS platform for developing a website CMS [...]

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How to Restore Hacked WordPress Website

In the 90s, A skilled programmer expert in machine language and operating systems(OS) was called "hacker". Hacking is unauthorized access a computer or a network. Hacker can change system or security features to achieve their desired goal that differs from the main goal. There are many tools which are used for hacking purpose. Like viruses, spam [...]

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