In the 90s, A skilled programmer expert in machine language and operating systems(OS) was called “hacker”. Hacking is unauthorized access a computer or a network. Hacker can change system or security features to achieve their desired goal that differs from the main goal.

There are many tools which are used for hacking purpose. Like viruses, spam and much more.

Nowadays mostly hacked websites are WordPress based, WHY?

Think for a while as a hacker. If you want to hack lots of websites at a time or by putting less effort to gain more benefit, you will try to find a platform or technique which is used more often and then you will try to break and dive into. WordPress is mostly used for website development.

How can we Restore Hacked WordPress website?

Following are the steps that you can perform to restore hacked WordPress website.

  • Check the hack
  • Check hosting
  • Restore website from Backup
  • Scan and Remove malware
  • Check permissions
  • Change security
  • Change password

If your website is hacked and you are unable to fix it so you may seek WordPress hack service.