A website is becoming an essential part of the business and even mostly business in west depends on the internet presence. Many people just doing business on the websites and they are generating much revenue. Obviously, they have clients and client support and services. How can we achieve support services in WordPress? There are many plugins in WordPress to provide support services. WordPress Support Service can be achieved by using contact form 7.

How can we provide support services to our clients in WordPress?

There are few steps by using them we can get our target. First of all, We have to install contact from 7 then use it.

[parallax_quote animation=”fadeInUp” author=””]Installation of contact form 7[/parallax_quote]

==> Open dashboard of WordPress.

Open WordPress Dashboard


==> Click on “Plugins”.

Click on Plugins


==> Click on “Add New” button.

Click on Add New buttion


==> Insert text in the search box “contact form 7” then click on “Install Now”.”

Search contact form 7


==> Now you can see installation process is running.

Installation process is running


==> It time to activate plugin so that it start work.

Activate Contact form 7


==> Now you can see contact form 7 in installed plugins even you can see in left side menu.

Installed contact form 7


==> Click on “Contact” in left side menu to see settings

Click on Contact form 7


==> Now you can add new forms as you want. You can edit existing form too.

Edit existing form


==> Here is your editing screen where you can edit create update form. Your WordPress support service is about to ready.

contact form 7 editor


[parallax_quote animation=”fadeInUp” author=””]Soon we will discuss available options in Contact Form 7. Stay tuned[/parallax_quote]