There are several ways to migrate Database but import WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin is one of the popular methods and easiest way. Why we need to export and import database? There are many reasons and we have already discussed. You can study how to export database of WordPress and Why we need to migrate database?

How to Import WordPress Database?

You can import complete database within few steps, So, get excited to learn an important thing. The few steps are followings:

First of all, Login database then creates database. Name of the database should be same as the name of the database that you are importing.

After creation of database select database click on import button. The button is on the top set tabs.

Import tab will open, Then click on “Choose File” button. Choose the file from the file explorer “SQL”.

Set Character set of the file from the drop down menu. By default, utf-8 is selected but you can change it.

In “Partial import”, “Other options”, “Format” and “Format-specific options” sections you can furhtter customize.

Now you just need to click on “Go” button.

Possible Errors are mentioned below:

The file is too large to import.

You have don’t have privileges to import database.

Name of the database not found.

Importing taking much time.

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