Learning how to hire?
WordPress users go ahead and hire WordPress programmers. Some of our most popular posts show you tips on how to outsource without getting scammed, learning how to hire, as well as learn all about building remote teams.

While most websites owners are served fine by using ready-made WordPress themes for the design and free plugins for any additional functionality some people need to go a step further. If you are not exactly a programmer or an advanced WordPress expert, it is perfectly fine to hire someone who is.

Do you need to hire a WordPress developer, a WordPress programmer or a WordPress designer?

A WordPress developer is basically a WordPress architect.This is a person who has built or helped build many WordPress websites.A developer suggests and comes up with ideas, helps implement and set up solutions as well as integrates and modifies things, Let’s say take an example that someone run a massage parlor and you need your website to have a booking functionality, so you go ahead and hire a WordPress developer.

WordPress programmers

A WordPress programmer is nothing but a general programmer who has some experience with the specific requirements and code used inside the WordPress ecosystem. If the developer is akin to an architect, the programmer is more akin to a brick-layer.In most cases, you would only need to work with a programmer directly if you are very advanced at WordPress yourself and can simply instruct the coder on what lines to write.

WordPress designers

This is simply a general designer who happens to know the specifics of turning a design concept into an actual WordPress theme that  you can install or you are merely looking to refresh the “look & feel” of a website without changing any of its functionality.