WordPress is the reference in terms of CMS in the world. It holds no less than 63% from global sites. Wondering why use WordPress? You will find in this article arguments showing you the advantages of creating your website via this CMS.
WordPress a free CMS
There are two free versions of WordPress, WordPress.org, and WordPress.com.
The first version (.org) is a self-hosted version, you control your site and enjoy a wide choice of plugins offered by the CMS.
The second version (.com) is a beginner-oriented solution, it is aimed at an audience wanting to make a personal blog or leisure for example.
Prefer WordPress.org if you want to create a site for your company, the solutions and possibilities will be more complete on this version.
WordPress is an open-source solution
WordPress is a free Open Source solution for use and modification.
This means that you have the option of modifying the source code of the CMS and thus creating a fully customizable site.
This solution also has a very active community who will not hesitate to help you in case of problems via the forums.

WordPress adapts to your needs
WordPress does not stop at creating a simple blog. It has become much more flexible, you can now administer much more complex sites.
Here is a list of the possibilities you can do in WordPress:
• Ecommerce
• blogs
• Portfolios
• Forums
• Galleries
• Booking site
It would be difficult to list all the plugins and themes made available by WordPress to offer you the possibility to create any type of website.
WordPress is SEO friendly
WordPress is designed to be optimized for SEO in search engines. The themes proposed on this CMS respect the necessary norms favoring the SEO as the structure of the site, the hierarchy of the tags … The permalinks is also made in order to obtain URLs optimized for the referencing of your site.
WordPress takes some responsibilities in terms of SEO like fast loading speed. It provides you with a clean and functional code, image optimization is also highlighted. WordPress also offers optimized themes for viewing in any medium. But especially SEO help modules exist, such as Yoast SEO to fill the meta tags description, Title, generate your Sitemap to integrate into Search Console.
WordPress is easy to use
One of the reasons WordPress has become a leader in terms of CMS is its ease of use. A simple installation, with a few clicks, a large choice of plugins, forums responding to your requests, an intuitive and flexible back-office … The evolution of your site can be done by installing plugins/widgets, without necessarily having coding knowledge.
WordPress is a CMS suitable for all ages
Developer or simple amateur, you will be able to change the design, colors, features of your WordPress theme.
Developers will have the opportunity to customize their sites via custom code. People who are less comfortable with development will be able to change their theme through the admin panel.
The WordPress community highlights the security of your sites
WordPress is an Open Source, so it is regularly updated to avoid any security flaws.
Some tips are to be applied to protect you from the flaws of potential security flaws:
• It is highly recommended that you only download plugins from WordPress.org to be sure of their reliability.
• Privilege premium themes is also a factor limiting the chances of attacking your site, indeed, the use of a free theme can sometimes contain encrypted links or different malicious codes.
• It is advisable to install security widgets like wordfence. This widget performs a server-side scan of your code to perform an audit and then secure your WordPress site.

WordPress adapts to responsive
The responsive part of a site is a crucial issue in 2019.
Mobile navigation is constantly evolving, the themes made available by the WordPress community are increasingly responsive themes, free and paid, they largely meet this strong demand. Your SEO will be improved and your users will enjoy optimal navigation on their mobile.
WordPress is extensible
With these 54,883 extensions, WordPress allows you to add a wide range of features to your website.
For example, you want to add a contact form, a photo gallery, tools for optimizing your SEO … Just search for the plugin in question on WordPress.org, download it and simply add it to your WordPress theme.

In conclusion, thanks to its largest and most efficient community, WordPress evolves every day. What makes it the most popular CMS around the world, it easily outstrips its competitors Joomla and Drupal. WordPress represents 60% of the market share of websites realized with an open-source CMS. WordPress Department offers 24/7 Support Services, Maintenance Services, Upgrade Services, Hack Removal, Emergency Assistance, and all your WordPress needs.