5 Best Plugins for Restore Hacked WordPress Website

Oh, your WordPress website is hacked. Of course, you are in big trouble and you want to get out of it, but how can you restore or fix hacked WordPress? First of all, you should know about what is the hack, how can your website be hacked? how many types of hack? Then you could help yourself [...]

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How to import WordPress Database?

There are several ways to migrate Database but import WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin is one of the popular methods and easiest way. Why we need to export and import database? There are many reasons and we have already discussed. You can study how to export database of WordPress and Why we need to migrate database? [...]

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How to export data of WordPress using phpMyAdmin?

There many reasons to export data of WordPress. Some of them are the server of host gets old with many other aspects like provider become unreliable, insecure disk space runs out, the host starts charging high etc. There are many other reasons that you have to export data of WordPress.Log into phpMyAdmin on your server [...]

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How To Create Forms Using Contact Form 7.

There are lots of plugins in WordPress which are used to create forms. But Contact Form 7 is one of the best plugins. Contact Form 7 is used to create simple and complex forms in WordPress. How to install Contact Form 7 we have already discussed. Now we will discuss how to create forms using contact [...]

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Hire WordPress Programmer Team

Learning how to hire? WordPress users go ahead and hire WordPress programmers. Some of our most popular posts show you tips on how to outsource without getting scammed, learning how to hire, as well as learn all about building remote teams. While most websites owners are served fine by using ready-made WordPress themes for the design [...]

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How to Install Contact Form 7 in WordPress?

A website is becoming an essential part of the business and even mostly business in west depends on the internet presence. Many people just doing business on the websites and they are generating much revenue. Obviously, they have clients and client support and services. How can we achieve support services in WordPress? There are many [...]

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WordPress Support Service

How can we enable in WordPress support service and how can we improve the productivity of our website? Most of the eCommerce websites provide support service because it improves productivity and decreases the communication gap between company and client. Now everyone wants support service to be enabled on their website. There are many plugins in WordPress, [...]

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WordPress Security Plugin

Security thread always there in WordPress. There are many factors of that. First of all, WordPress is based on PHP. PHP and WordPress both are open source. PHP is weakly typed language. WordPress team keeping update trying to more secure WordPress. There are many WordPress plugins that provide security and make your website secure. WordFence [...]

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How to Restore Hacked WordPress Website

In the 90s, A skilled programmer expert in machine language and operating systems(OS) was called "hacker". Hacking is unauthorized access a computer or a network. Hacker can change system or security features to achieve their desired goal that differs from the main goal. There are many tools which are used for hacking purpose. Like viruses, spam [...]

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WordPress Emergency Assistance

What is Emergency Assistance? Emergency assistance helps people, that are in trouble and they need assistance instantly. In our daily life, accidents happen often. People need doctors and medicines. Now the question is, What is WordPress Emergency Assistance? Lots of people are coming in IT industry on daily basis. They start learning and developing in [...]

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