WordPress Support Service

How can we enable in WordPress support service and how can we improve the productivity of our website? Most of the eCommerce websites provide support service because it improves productivity and decreases the communication gap between company and client. Now everyone wants support service to be enabled on their website. There are many plugins in WordPress, [...]

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How to install WordPress Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

What is WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System? WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System plugin extend the features of WordPress. WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System is a complete ticket system and 100% responsive. WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System using Ajax functionality. Allows a user to submit tickets or get support. To install WP Support Plus [...]

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WordPress Security Plugin

Security thread always there in WordPress. There are many factors of that. First of all, WordPress is based on PHP. PHP and WordPress both are open source. PHP is weakly typed language. WordPress team keeping update trying to more secure WordPress. There are many WordPress plugins that provide security and make your website secure. WordFence [...]

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How to Restore Hacked WordPress Website

Website hacked is not a big deal. As security enhancing as security treads are also increasing. If you say, your website will never hack, it is just a dream and you love live in dreams. But I suggest come to reality. Daily hundreds of sites are hacked and will be. But we can enhance security [...]

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How to Install Zendesk WordPress

Zendesk is a most popular customer support and ticket system, mostly used for businesses. Zendesk Support for WordPress, it allows you to bring your helpdesk, powered by Zendesk, into your blog or WordPress site. It supports the several types of business like multiple products, documents, teams and works smartly with WordPress. It is used quick [...]

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WordPress Upgrade Service

What is service? A word 'service' and WordPress upgrade service mean an intangible product such as banking, accounting, education, expertise, medical treatment or transportation but here we are talking about the Content Management System WordPress services which WordPress gives to their users. WordPress Upgrade Services? WordPress Upgrade Service mean to upgrade your existing plugins, WordPress dashboard. These [...]

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WordPress Maintenance Service

How To Develop A Site? As we talk about the development of a perfect website then first in our mind comes that how to develop a website with an hour or within one or two days. As everybody knows that there is nothing impossible in this world. CMS platform for developing a website CMS provide [...]

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How to Restore Hacked WordPress Website

In the 90s, A skilled programmer expert in machine language and operating systems(OS) was called "hacker". Hacking is unauthorized access a computer or a network. Hacker can change system or security features to achieve their desired goal that differs from the main goal. There are many tools which are used for hacking purpose. Like viruses, spam [...]

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Need WordPress Help

WordPress Help There are few steps of guidance for using WordPress for beginners and the steps are listed below. The first step of Maintaining WordPress dashboard.      1.Clearing cache clear cache: You can clear cache in WP time to time when you may need to do when using a caching plugin to speed up your WordPress. If you did [...]

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WordPress Emergency Assistance

What is Emergency Assistance? Emergency assistance helps people, that are in trouble and they need assistance instantly. In our daily life, accidents happen often. People need doctors and medicines. Now the question is, What is WordPress Emergency Assistance? Lots of people are coming in IT industry on daily basis. They start learning and developing in [...]

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