Let’s talk about a hot topic in the SEO world, search and use expired domains to boost the visibility of a site, let’s take a look at the use of domain names expired today in SEO. I’m not going to talk here about how to find an expired domain name. There are many sites to find lists, then you have to analyze the potential and participate in auctions for the most.
1 – How to identify the good expired domain name?
Before plunging into an endless list of domain names that will soon expire, as much know what we are looking for and not take the first domain name come, all will not serve you, not all are useful and finding the rare pearl is becoming more difficult and expensive. In recent years competition has raged between SEOs and site publishers in this sector. The expired domain remains the best and fastest way to give backlinks to a site, saving a lot of time if you know how to identify and use a good domain name which is not often the case, Google monitors everything this and the expeditious and unthinking use of an expired domain may very well have negative consequences on the health of your site.
2- The Theme
Is it still necessary in 2016 to clarify that it is always better to use a domain name in its theme? An expired domain name is only a link or links and except to fall on an extraordinary domain, only the areas of your theme will be interesting, otherwise attention the penalty is not far. This restriction (so to speak) will make the search all the more difficult as you will find that the usable domains are finally quite rare and quickly quite expensive.
A domain name in French or in another language as long as the theme is good? Even today a domain name in foreign language is able to be used as a lever in SEO, but have no doubt that it will not last, I already have very serious doubts about opportunity to buy a domain name in Greek for SEO on a site in French, so in my opinion do not look in the exotic, it does not work very well and from here may time it will not work anymore.
3 – Majestic TF, CF, TC / CF report and Topical Trust Flow
The criteria of Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow are today among the best criteria to evaluate the quality of a domain name. You know all these criteria and of course the higher the TF is, the more the domain will be interesting. On the other hand, there are two elements to take into account in the evaluation, the first is the ratio between the TC and the CF which is an ideal mode must be greater than 0.8. Then in terms of number, there is little interest in buying an expired domain name with a Trust flow less than 12/15, although again we can find exceptions.
We must not forget the Topical trust flow which makes it possible to verify that the links are well categorized. But not everything is written in marble, one must not remain fixed on his positions. These are just indicators, a site with a CF relatively high compared to the TC does not necessarily say that it is spammy, however the Topical trust for him is still an element that must be seriously considered for a first evaluation of a domain name.
4- Nature, source and anchors of links
Here we come back on the Topical trust flow of Majestic, if we must highlight a criterion it is this one, the tool is really very relevant when looking at a domain name, Majestic has done a lot of work above and this one is really reliable and should be looked at first when studying a domain name. The source of the links, we could almost do without it if we run out of time with the TF, CF and the topical trust flow we already have a good vision of the quality of the domain name, but if we are picky then we must also look at the origin of the links, not necessarily the domain itself, but the pages where the links are.
It is at this moment that we will study a particularly important point in our study which is the anchor of the links. The more variations there are, the more generic anchors the better it is, it goes without saying in 2016, by digging a bit we can also find traces of NSEO from time to time, or even layers of links formerly spammy. We must be very vigilant on the subject to avoid buying a domain name that seems in all excellent report (Good TR, good topical trust flow …), but that in fact would be an NDD-killer for your site in case 301 or totally ineffective in case of integration within a network. All this seems obvious and flowing, but these mistakes are still quite common.
5 – Breakdown of links on the expired domain name
This is not necessarily the point that is most emphasized when looking for an expired domain name and yet. The distribution of links on the NDD is for me a fundamental factor, I will always favor in my search a domain name with links that are spread over several pages facing a site that focuses all (or almost) of its links on the home. Having a range of links will allow you much better use of the domain name, a site with a relatively low TR, but with a distribution of links on several pages will always be very interesting that a domain name with a TR average with all of its links pointing to the home. Except to make a 301 “wild”, as far as possible and with its possibilities, it is necessary to privilege domain names where the links are not concentrated on the same page. This breakdown of links will give you a lot of possibilities to use your NDD in the face of a domain name that focuses all the links on the same page or finally except to make a direct 301 there are not many more interesting possibilities.
6- The price, a top expired domain name versus a myriad of ways?
Money in the domain of expired domain names remains the sinews of the war, and then it’s all about strategy too. All bet on a top NDD may be a very good strategy, but if the domain name loses its best links (what happens) is the entire investment that falls into the water, but if you fall on a real pearl the game is worth the candle, that’s why in general term I will tend to advise a group of expired NDD which will allow a more flexible use of links and evolving strategies in the time avoiding disappointments in case of removal of certain links. One must never forget that naturally, an expired domain name tends in time to lose links,
7- Why do?
Finally the important question, an expired domain name why do? Three main axes of use of an expired domain name can be identified; the first being to give life to this domain and revive the site, so we will use the history, structure, etc. to revive the site on “his” theme hoping to do better than the former owner, we will see a little further how to go about it. Then in the same vein, relaunch the site, but with a very clear SEO goal, the idea here is to place a link or links to a target site, so there will be a lot of work to go up the site on the theme of the target while remaining close to the initial theme of the site, we will look at this more ready in the following points. Finally, and the most classic remains the 301 or finally one uses the links of the domain name, but not the domain in itself. The domain does not matter what are the links that matter and the closer they are to the theme the better, there are also different ways to distribute the links via a 301, that’s what we see now.
8- 301 classic
What’s more classic than a 301 to the home of your site … and yet in almost all cases it’s really not the best things to do, return an expired domain name to your home. in general, that can make sense, without forgetting the pages that have links that will end in 404. Result of the races this type of 301 will not have the expected benefit on your referencing and always ask the question which page I want to put forward? In any case, if your expired domain name has all its links to its homepage on your site, the page or category most likely to receive these links, there is almost always better than the home as a target, because just an expired NDD is the very good opportunity to diversify the targets on your site. The biggest mistake is that if the expired domain has a multitude of links on different pages you will boost your page 404 which is really not the idea even if you are redirecting to the home. The 301 direct on a page or a category is interesting so that if the expired NDD concentrates all its links on a single target if this is not the case then it will be necessary to do what we can say a “301 advanced”
9- 301 advanced
The title is somewhat exaggerated, the idea here is to get out of the classic 301 that points to the home to set up a set of redirections of the pages of the expired NDD having links to corresponding pages on your site. With Majestic (or other) you will identify the pages of your expired NDD that receive backlinks, and you will start to search on your site the pages that would be most relevant to receive these links, once the correspondence set up, some lines on your htaccess will do the rest. The idea here is particularly simple; it’s all about using the strength of your expired NDD in the best possible form for your site to take full advantage of it. This is a very good way to spread the “juice”
10-301 advanced semantic cocoon, silo
This is the “solution” when you have an expired domain name with many pages receiving links, insert the pages of an expired domain into a semantic cocoon or silo, it may be today the best thing to do. Here again concretely, the more the domain name will have pages receiving better links will be its impact on the cocoon, some links are enough to give a real boost to your cocoon. So, why use an expired domain name on a cocoon more than on the “visible” pages of the site? The main explanation is that your cocoon is by nature much more semantically optimized than the pages of the site itself, the idea is to set up a multiplier effect on the cocoon to maximize the effect of the cocoon on your SEO,
11- Using the expired domain name as a site
After a domain name, even expired, is an address to place a site and content not? What a strange idea to want to do one or more 301… So, building a building with an expired domain name is often a good idea if you’re looking for a quick way to have a site with some popularity see even recurring traffic. It is a method to launch a new project is avoided at first the most sensitive part of SEO today is linking. There are some limits, however, which are generally of a legal nature, especially at the brand level. We often see sites with affiliation and content sometimes very far from the theme of the domain name to be mounted on an expired domain.
12- Use as a site with an SEO goal
Content are two elements that can very quickly become very expensive, it is necessary that the objective is up to the investment, you will find very easy examples in the field of insurance, mutual or redemption of credit. Here we could go into detail of how to mount a PBN for the expired domain name-based SEO, but that would be a subject in its own right to deal with, which is not the goal here.
One of the special cases in terms of SEO of a satellite site based on an expired domain name is that it can also very well position itself on Google, the site having a history, a semantics, etc. it happens that his home or one of his pages is placed very correctly in the Google index, in this case one of the solutions that we can use is to set up a 301 redirect to the corresponding page of your site, in the ideal this 301 must be cloakée to remain the most discrete possible, one is here in a very particular case or only one page of the NDD will be placed in 301 whereas the other pages will remain where they are, it is a partial redirect that can often be very effective
13- Waking up your expired domain name
An expired domain name is also somehow a dead domain name … It will, therefore, whatever the use of it to wake up to give him life. It may seem paradoxical, but to revive an expired domain name, nothing better than sending him some links, new links that can also be optimized. Google operates according to the signals sent to it and a link remains the best way to wake up an expired domain name, even if you are in the optics of setting up a site with new content this implementation will be not enough to actually restart the machine, some links will still be necessary.
Always in the same optics, you can send some links on the pages where the links of your domain name are placed, it is also a good way to relaunch the trust of the site. Then, on which pages to send links? Again in an ideal world it should be sent on all pages, but in reality, the most interesting is to send optimized links on the pages where the volume of links is already important, you will thus give a good semantic trust to your linking while avoiding a penguin sanction of google, on the pages where there are fewer links some links “neutral” will suffice.
Linking remains the nerve of war and even a domain with links needs to revive a new layer of linking even at low doses.
14 -Cache his expired domain name
The last point will deal with how to hide the fact that your expired NDD will have a utility other than the original one, why hide the new life of this domain name? In fact, there are so many reasons to hide the purchase of a domain name that finally I look for a reason to leave visible this purchase; to live happily, let’s live hidden … it’s still the motto that best matches SEOs.
I still see two main reasons, the first is to avoid problems with the former owners or in the case of. You can lose overnight your domain, if the reason is valid, and it happens. The other “classic” is your friendly competitor who will be a pleasure to go send different emails to the right and left so that your links are deleted, do not believe that this happens only to the others, to denounce his little comrades is a sport very widespread in the world of the references.
To conclude, redeeming an expired domain name is often a good opportunity to speed up your site’s visibility on Google, but it’s not that easy to find, operate, optimize and persist. There is finally a wide range in terms of use and in each area its strategy, there is no fixed rule on the subject, but there are real opportunities to take even today.
What an expired domain name will do
• Transmit part of the trust
• An accelerator on Google
• You will save time
• Sends recurring visits
What an expired domain name will not do
• Will not get you out of a penguin
• Second level links, be careful this does not completely diversify your link profile
• A link from an expired domain name is less powerful than a direct link
• Without working the expired domain name (new links) it will only be slightly taken into account
Ate the end we can say that the old domain is better than new domain, due to the old domain has high authority on the internet. There are many ways on the internet to check domain authority. specially we can help you to build a WordPress website for a good domain.