Security thread always there in WordPress. There are many factors of that. First of all, WordPress is based on PHP. PHP and WordPress both are open source. PHP is weakly typed language. WordPress team keeping update trying to more secure WordPress.

There are many WordPress plugins that provide security and make your website secure.


WordFence most popular WordPress security plugin. It always takes care of your website. It keeps eyes on malware. WordFence scans all the files of WordPress, themes, plugins, etc. When WordFence finds malware and any kind of suspicious activity it will inform you in real-time. WordFence makes your website secure and faster as well. WordFence is free but advance add-ons are paid.

How to install WordFence

Step 1: Open Dashboard and click on “Plugins”

Plugin Installation


Step 2: Click on “Add New” Button

WordPress Plugin Installation


Step 3: Enter “WordFence ” in search box

Plugin Install steps 3


Step 4: In the result, you can see the first one is your required plugin

Security Plugin Install steps 4


Step 5: Click on “Install Now” button

Security Plugin Install steps 5


Step 6: Click on “Activate” button

Security Plugin Install steps 6


Step 7: After few seconds plugin will activate. You can further explore it.

Security Plugin Install steps 7


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