Oh, your WordPress website is hacked. Of course, you are in big trouble and you want to get out of it, but how can you restore or fix hacked WordPress? First of all, you should know about what is the hack, how can your website be hacked? how many types of hack? Then you could help yourself to restore or fix hacked WordPress.

Don’t worry if you have some sort of knowledge about the hack. Somehow you found your site been hacked. There several plugins which help you to restore or fix hacked WordPress. But also they protect your site further attacks of the hack.

How can you restore or fix hacked WordPress by using WordPress plugins?

There are several methods to restore or fix hacked WordPress. But now we are discussing restore or fix hacked WordPress using plugins. which plugins are best for the security of WordPress and restore?

Best plugins for fix hacked followings are:

  • Wordfence

    This is a free enterprise class security plugin that includes a firewall, anti-virus scanning, malicious URL scanning and live traffic including crawlers. Wordfence repair your core, theme and plugin files.

  • Anti-Malware & Brute-Force Security by ELI

    This anti-malware plugin hunts for malware and different virus.Protection vulnerabilities on your server and it helps you eliminate them.

  • Backup Buddy

    Backup Buddy’s main focus is to create backups and recover those backups later. However, it also has a malware detection characteristic which is very nice and is powered by Sucuri’s own scanning feature.

  • Login Lockdown

    Login LockDown lists the IP address and timestamp of every failed login try. If more than a certain number of attempts are detected within a short period of time from the same IP range, then the login function is disabled for all requests from that range.

  • WP Security Audit Log

    Maintain an audit log and record of everything that is occurring on your WordPress.

I recommend you to use Login Lockdown to secure from hack attacks. If you need further details about the hack, restore, backup and fix WordPress then you can reach WodPress Hack Removal.